The Shield Analysis Technology, LLC team’s focus is on mitigating our nation’s domestic and international security. We come with a keen understanding of the foreign and domestic security. Our personnel have over 70 years of experience in assessing, managing, training, and evaluating intelligence and analysis operations for defense and counterintelligence. Shield Analysis Technology understands that advances in innovation must confront the demands of cost-effective. We build products that transform complex challenges into operational solutions that deter, detect and prevent.


Shield makes the world safer and healthier through the science of data analytics and information sharing.


Our innovative integrated solutions answer the most complex challenges and problems.


Catalysts for positive change



Shield Analysis Technology is a limited liability company located in Manassas, Virginia. It provides national and international assessments through the use of data fusion technology, social network analysis and a unique tool called the Communication/Influence Index. Emphasis is placed on understanding the culture and the economic impact each organization takes to executing its missions.

The company has extensive military, legislative and biodefense expertise. Shield founder and President, Denise N. Baken, has a PhD in Biodefense and is a retired Colonel with over 28 years of service. Her assignments required her to coordinate and integrate protection plans, programs and proposals of Department of Defense agencies; act as Chief of Staff for the Special Assistant to the Deputy Secretary of Defense for Chemical and Biological Protection; provide recommendations on policy improvements and new program developments; and serve as legislative liaison to the Deputy Secretary of Defense on chemical and biological protection matters.



Staff Strengths:

  • Intelligence Analysis
  • Strategic Planning
  • Science
  • Technology
  • Engineering and Technology (STEM)

Shield Staff:

  • Design intelligence collection systems
  • Employ interdisciplinary approach to data analytic
  • Develop agent-based models
  • Create simulation models
  • Construct insightful social network analysis




Shield Staff Project Experience:

  • Established intelligence collection support systems
  • Established management procedures for developing medical response
  • Designed zoonotic surveillance field assessment network to respond to monitoring need to respond to emerging issues





Al Qaeda: The Transformation of Terrorism in the Middle East and North Africa
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