About Us

Who We Are

In 2007, Shield Analysis Technology, LLC founder Denise N. Baken realized most approaches to the functions of management were rigid and did not incorporate the advantages of an interdisciplinary exchange that her nearly 28 years in the military had left in her. With assignments that spanned budget, plans, analysis and evaluation, strategic communications, legislative affairs, public affairs, and detail to the Senate Appropriations Defense Subcommittee, Baken knew that connecting ideas and concepts across a broad range of disciplines deepened understanding of the complexity involved in almost every decision. The result was decisions that accommodated “adaptive adversaries.”

This understanding was buttressed by a commitment Baken made early in her career to remember that each broad ranging decision impacted individual members of the military. Members who had families. Her commitment was to bring the understanding that her job was to give them “tomorrow,” a commitment that went down to what might be deemed the simplest decisions.

With this concept in mind, Baken brought together a diverse & passionate team engineering change and solving complex problems across the broad spectrum of public health and national security missions.

Our extensive science, management, communications, and legislative expertise brings focus to the cross disciplinary approach used to support our research, public health, STEM, and defense clients.

Our Mission

Develop and deliver effective public health solutions that
bring a better tomorrow and to function as a catalyst for
change, integrity, and respect for all.

Our Vision

Engineer positive change driven by commitment to
individuals not just organizations.