February 25, 2023, Manassas, VA.

Dr. James Giordano, Executive Director of the Institute for Biodefense Research (IBR), has been named to the National Academy of Science, engineering and Medicine’s (NASEM) Committee to Review the Department of Veterans Affairs Resumption Decision Process.  Charged with conducting an assessment of the revised administrative process to be used by the Department of Veteran Affairs to evaluate medical conditions and possible relationships to military environmental exposures, the committee will examine the revised Presumptive Decision Process is accordance with current scientific standards for assessing the link between exposure to environmental hazards and the development of health outcomes.  In addition, the committee will assess whether the elements of the process are fair and consistent.  The committee shall produce a final report in the summer of 2023 detailing its findings, conclusions and recommendations at the end.

The Institute for Biodefense Research is a not-for-profit 501 (c ) 3 established to study and analyze current and near term risks and threats to United States’ and global biosecurity, biosafety and public health.  The Institute evaluates, informs, and develops methods and metrics for defense preparedness, guidance, readiness, oversight, and response.