The Staff

Shield Staff:

  • develop counter-terrorism analysis, and intelligence operations
  • train law enforcement and defense personnel in counterterrorism
  • train intelligence collection and analysis
  • assess terrorism and counter-terrorism doctrine
  • design medical, biological and engineering product and assay development to achieve operational goals
  • build agent based and social network models to assess organizational interaction and actor influence on attack tactics
  • Shield Staff Project Experience:

  • established intelligence collection and counter-terrorism support systems
  • established management procedures for developing medical response to biological threat
  • designed zoonotic surveillance field assessment network to respond to monitoring need to respond to emerging infectious disease threat
  • Staff Experience Include:

  • Department of Defense
  • Central Intelligence Agency
  • Federal Emergency Management Agency
  • Staff Strengths:

  • Intelligence Analysis
  • Counterterrorism Risk Assessment & Training
  • Strategic Planning