Shield’s clients must identify real-world proactive responses to real-world uncertain threats.  We search for innovative technology to respond to today’s known threats and tomorrows still undefined threats.

Worked with the Center for Strategic and Budgetary Assessment to determine national security vulnerability of our biotechnology patent and patent applications.  Final product assessed the usefulness of open source information on biotechnology companies and their research efforts.  Data reviewed included competitive intelligence data, determining the value this easily accessed data has to a mal-intentioned group or individual has for aiding the development of a weapon of mass destruction product that could be used against the United States or its allies.

Identified and helped establish framework for creating research and development opportunities for medical community consortia through the use of an OTA (Other Transaction Authority) to provide department of defense agencies with innovative biotechnology and medical technology ideas and prototypes that fulfill critical national security needs.  Areas of interest include vaccine development, biosimilars, and bionanotechnology.

Worked with Historically Black Colleges and Universities to develop framework for creating opportunities to fulfill Department of Defense innovative research and development requirements using the OTA (Other Transaction Authority) contract vehicle.  Areas of interest include Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM), Artificial Intelligence and Computational Social Science.