8a Certified

Advanced analytics applied to complex problems
Integrated solutions, superior insight.


Shield understands the challenge of harnessing the vast amounts of complex unstructured data available to today's defense and national security leaders. Our solutions harvest relevant data for emergent threat assessment.

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Cyber Terrain

So much of our lives resides in the terrain of cyber space. For all the good that represents, it also increases our vulnerability and attack threat. Shield's team uses the power of data fusion to integrate the volumes of various data available, to analyze, assess and identify crime trends and future threats.

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Intelligence Analysis

Shield's intelligence analysis tools identify opportunities to improve infrastructure protection warning system indicators, counterterrorism procedures, and crisis resolution.

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Science and Technology

Shield Analysis Technology provides national and international threat assessments through the use of data fusion technology, social network analysis and a unique tool called the Communication/Influence Index.

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Program Management

Shield's team has over 70 years program management experience. Our extensive defense environment program management experience and rigorous cross-discipline approach ensure that the comprehensive planning used will result in a successful final product.

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